Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Cold Mathematics of Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar daddy dating has been around for as long as there has been young, beautiful women and old rich men. Young ladies are attracted to a lavish lifestyle while old men are in search of young, beautiful women to make them feel young again. Thus emerges sugar daddy dating. Traditionally, it was a taboo subject but today has been accepted. As a matter of fact, there are many sugar daddy dating sites on the Internet. They started to emerge online and have now grown in numbers, proportion and fame. While the constructs of the sugar daddy dating scene have been dynamic, a concrete mathematical concept has been introduced. It is known as the sugar daddy dating equation. Read on to learn about it.

What is the sugar daddy dating equation?
Some of the people who often don't get the chances to date beautiful women are nerds. They are socially awkward, introverted and uniquely intelligent. By relying on their mathematical skills, nerds have come up with solution for their social problems and dating is one of them. A nerd known as John Nash actually developed a mathematical equation through which he and his friends could find out their chances of scoring a date when they went out. They called it the Game Theory. Today, a website for rich men looking for young women known as SugarDaddyMeet.com has come up with a new one. It is known as the sugar daddy dating equation.

The equation is based upon the original formula for determining the acceptable age range of your sugar babies. It is:“your age plus 18 = male dating age”

Men can use this formula to find out the approximate, ideal age of the sugar girls that they should date.

The Hefnerian Corollary
This is an adjustment of the sugar daddy dating equation. It was inspired by the 86th birthday of the most famous sugar daddy of them all, Hugh Hefner. The equation seeks to give the rich, old men an advantage in picking the age of their sugar babies. In the Hefnerian Corollary, the sugar daddies can enjoy a discount of 1.79 off the woman's age for every million dollars in their net worth. Therefore, rich, old sugar daddies like Hugh Hefner can enjoy a discount of 24 years off the age of their sugar baby. This theory enables the sugar daddies to date women who are much younger than the average that they should be with. Just like getting beautiful company for providing sugar baby allowance, it is an advantage that money can buy.

The team at SugarDaddyMeet.com have already incorporated their sugar daddy dating equation. Now they want to include the Hefnerian Corollary in their website as well. They plan to use it to encourage their wealthy members to date more enthusiastically and target younger sugar girls. It is also some inspiration for improving one's net worth.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why Do Sugar Babies Don't Mind Their Sugar Daddy Have Married

Sugar daddies are the older men are financially stable and who seek for the sexy younger women for a casual relationship. These men know that women primarily requires money for their upkeep. Therefore they take advantage of their money to acquire the hot younger women for themselves. They usually use their cash for exchange with the companionship of young women. In case you are new to the field, and you have a sugar daddy whom you fear that might not give you much money you would expect, after all, most sugar babies don't mind their sugar daddy whether is married or not.

The main reason of dating a sugar daddy for a lady is to get money. Regardless of the man is married or not, the sugar baby will care less. It becomes a personal interest for every woman to earn money from the sugar daddy. Remember that every person requires cash to cater for their benefit. In case the sugar baby starts to think of that her sugar daddy has a family, there will be no emotional connection between the two. Therefore the younger woman will not be in a position to make a good relationship with a sugar daddy.

Most sugar babies looking for sugar daddy that is not to a serious relationship (get married). Their primary interest is to earn money for their education fees or spending financial difficulties. Because more specific most of sugar babies are still in universities, they are not ready to get married but to lead a luxury life while in school.

One of the wishes of sugar daddy is to spend his money and get the maximum leisure as much as his money can afford. Therefore, you should not be worried on whether he will give you cash or not. You can get money out of his pocket just by your outlook. For the first date, it is good that you dress up with the best clothing that will make you look sexier more than he might be imagining. Make sure that your dressing is attractive to him. If he finds that you are looking amazing, he will give you money even without asking for it in the future.

In conclusion, most sugar babies don't worry about the marital status of their sugar daddies that is because it won't have any affect on what they can get from them.