Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to Discuss Allowance with Your Sugar Daddy

It’s simply awkward. We aren’t wired to talk about money. Bringing up your compensation in any sugar baby relationship is tasking but very necessary. Whether you like it or not, money is one of the most important pillars of your relationship. Sadly, there is no one-fits-all solution to this. Here is a brief look at what you should try.

What should you do about talking money?

Be sure of what you want
A range of what amount of money you’ll want from your sugar daddy is crucial. This can be a bit of daunting task for any sugar baby dating rich men for the first time. You can start by looking at all your usual costs. Debt, rent, utility bills, tuition and health care, are great examples. Afterward, add on the cost of whatever luxuries you have in mind. Your allowance should reflect what you need and want but not what someone else thinks you need. Get comfortable with that figure and build up the confidence to ask for it.

Establish a strong connection
Diving into the topic of money before you have had a chance to know each other is tacky. Have your first date and bring your A-game with you. Pay attention to his body language and note what he responds to positively. Try to understand what he likes and do more of that. Your first date gives both of you a chance to get a glimpse of what you are getting yourselves into. More experienced men will probably bring up the issue of money themselves at this stage. Be prepared.

Approach subtly and with respect(keep an open mind)
Your sugar baby relationship is held together by its financial aspect. There’s no way to go around this. Experienced sugar daddies always expect this. It comes as no surprise that even the best of the best have feelings of awkwardness when bringing up the topic of money. A good way to start off is to bring it up immediately after your first date. Subtly raise the issue and suggest you meet later to talk about it. This will help him get into the right mindset. On your planned meeting, ask your sugar daddy about previous arrangements he has had to get a feel of the range is willing to support.

Before you reveal your request, it’s important to understand each other’s expectations in your relationship. How often should you meet? Does he want you to stop seeing other sugar daddies when with him? With a clear picture of the time, you’ll be investing into the relationship; you’ll have a better idea of what amount you will need from your sugar daddy. To get the most of a potential relationship, only bring up your figure after you understand the actual cost of being in it.

Be open-minded
He might suggest alternative means of compensation of equal value. Don’t be quick to turn it down. All through your negotiations remember to be respectful while portraying confidence. You might have to practice in front of a mirror if you are the shy type. He’ll respect you more and probably get turned on by your demeanor. Focus on his body language to get a feel of how serious he is. If he likes you, he’ll likely agree.

Demonstrate appreciation
You should always show your appreciation when he delivers on your agreed compensation. Remind him how important you think he is. You probably know what he likes, so do it well. He’ll have no trouble paying up from then. If he likes you, he’ll shower you with more gifts in addition to your allowance.

Is there an easier alternative? 
Yes. A sugar baby site offers great relief to a sugar baby dating rich men in a lot of ways. For one, she can simply list her preferred allowance without having to have the nerve-wracking conversation that we all dread. It also ensures that you deal with sugar daddies that are willing to meet your needs. There is one more thing to remember. There exists a pesky breed of men called salt daddies. Do your research and don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

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