Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sugar Tips - How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy in Check

Most sugar daddy relationships do not last long. This is because the sugar daddy loses interest along the road. Many sugar babies have the mindset that when they are dating a sugar daddy, the relationship is one way, they just receive, and the only thing they offer is just sex. This is wrong. Sugar daddies also need love and affection, that is even probably why they came after you after all.

So how do you keep the sugar coming?

How do you make him keep coming for more?

This article shares the tips of how to make your sugar daddy interested.

Be a good cook.
Every man loves a woman who can cook. We all know the only way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Take cooking lessons if necessary. Learn how to cook different and exotic meals. Always surprise him, keep him wondering what you are going to serve next. This will guarantee you that you will spend almost every meal with him.

Always check up on him.
From time to time, send him random pictures and text messages. Let him know that he is always on your mind. Show him how caring you are and how much you miss him through texts. Show him how beautiful, sexy and cute you are through the pictures. The texts makes him feel appreciated and the pictures well, keeps the fire burning and gets him even more attracted.

Buy him little gifts.
Sugar daddies are reach, they can buy almost anything they want but do not have the time. From time to time you should buy him little personal presents that he can rarely remember to buy. New socks and boxers, no matter how many pairs they have there is always room for more, ties and watches and cologne are good examples. This is a good sign and would make him even more generous to you.

Keep it exciting in the bedroom.
You should never underestimate the magic of good amazing sex. Learn new tricks and positions. Ask him what he likes and how he likes, and give it to him in an even better way. This is what any sugar daddy looks up for after a long day. Always cuddle and praise him after.

Meeting a sugar daddy is not like any other relationship. These are very fragile so you always need to keep him on his toes and in turn he is going to keep you on your feet. I hope the tips will steer you the right way.

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