Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do's And Don'ts For Sugar Babies At The First Date

Sugar babies are selective; they want to date a rich man who can provide them with the type of lifestyle they desire. Although it is a mutually beneficial relationship, there are a few tips you should do and don't do as a sugar baby. Below are a few of tips for women who want to become sugar babies or women who are already sugar babies;


1. Always assume that sex is always on the table and at one point in your relationship when you find rich older men they will want to engage in sexual intercourse with you.

2. Stay open-minded, remembering that you have chosen an unconventional lifestyle.

3. Be honest with yourself. As you enter into a sugar daddy relationship be frank with yourself at what you are getting into, remember it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

4. Be direct; on the first date tell him your expectations. How much money you need to be paid, what other expectations you have in mind and how in return that will benefit him.

5. Look gorgeous every time you go to meet a sugar daddy. Don’t wear silk sweat pants when meeting him.

6. Save as much money as you can and invest in fields so as to not be dependent on a single person. Same as boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, sugar daddy relationships do end.

7. Get to know him better. Your sugar daddy should be someone you respect and try to spend a lot of more time with him. Let yourself get close to him.


1. You should never feel compelled to have sex. It’s not a guarantee that you engage in sexual intercourse when you meet your sugar daddy. You are both adults feel free to express yourself or your emotions if you don’t feel like having sex.

2. Send sexy pictures to any sugar daddy on sugar baby site if you have not created a rapport. Create a rapport then you can send sexy pictures of yourself. Since it's a mutually beneficial relationship, expect something in return.

3. Be shy. Be jovial and don’t give a sugar daddy a hard time to engage you.

4. Don’t hold back. Whenever you are negotiating, be frank with him and tell him what you desire. Don’t forget your past agreement.

5. Be lazy. Sugar baby dating requires some effort. Put in some effort as most relationships need some level of maintaining them. Be nice and always seem concerned even if you are not.

6. Don’t forget that it’s a mutually beneficial relationship and you can end the relationship if you become dissatisfied. There will be always another sugar daddy out there, end the relationship and move on.

7. Get too attached to your sugar daddy. Long term relationships are not the goal of sugar daddy dating, and at some point, your sugar daddy may fall in love with you. Sugar daddy relationships are about mutual benefits at that not moment and not about the future.

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